Bedugul Tour

Day 3 Bedugul Tour

After a tiring Island Trip yesterday ( Nusa Penida Island Day Tour). We are now ready for the next scheduled trip for this day, Bedugul Tour. This trip will consist the visit to:
Ulun Danu Temple,Bedugul Botanical Garden, Twin Lake Wanagiri,Handara Gate and Tanah Lot Temple. 

We woke up 7:00 am to have our breakfast before our tour starts at 8:00am. Exactly 8am our Guide / Driver arrived and we are all ready to start this fun filled day.

About 45 minutes we arrived  to the Twin Lake Wanagiri Hill.It is located in the highlands of Wanagiri and Munduk Village, Sukasada District Buleleng Regency Bali, Indonesia. This majestic view of Lake Buyan and Lake Tambingan  has been a popular spot and must to see in Bali as this places offers a very nice ambiance and relaxation to the eyes of every wanderer. Those who loves taking selfies and photos will surely fell in love with this place. We surely does.
 They have 100K IDR for the entrance  fee,a bit expensive but that's ok as we wanted to experience and see the stunning view of the lake and take photos  around the area with different design. We spent around an hour in taking photos and enjoying the view and also we loved the weather in this place as its quite high so its cold in there.  Unfortunately the weather that day is gloomy and cloudy so a bit dark in taking photos and more of clouds.But thats really no problem , we still enjoyed the place.

Next stop, A really quick stop is the famous Handara Gate which is located at the Handara Golf Course and Resort in Bedugul, Bali. This gate is easy to find as its fronting the mainroad.
We payed 30K IDR for  a limit of 10 minutes of taking selfies and photos. When we arrived there are couple of people waiting for their turn and they really did it fast as its written in the "selfie ticket" maximum 10 minutes only! hahah for just a gate photo you need to pay an amount and with time. Well this place is famous so i guess they  just maximize the place to earn some.Very good view and instagramable place though. We had fun.

Not so far from the Handara Gate, we arrived in the second destination. Ulun Danu Temple. This Temple is one of the significant temple in bali at the same time one of the must to see spot. It is located in Lake Beratan in central Bali, Tabanan Regency.This places says to be the most iconic sanctuary as it shows like the combination of Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple. This places got a very nice colorful garden and also have playground for kids. They also have an inhouse buffet restaurant for the guest too. We arrived early morning but i can say that there's a lot of visitors that day as in  lots, so haven't really got a good photo near the temple as its too crowded. haven't even got a solo photo too. If you are ok with that then theres no problem but if you want a good less crowd photo try to go here early in the morning. As far as i remember they are open as early as 8:00 in the morning.

After around 45 minutes of  enjoying the Ulun Danu Temple, we headed to the Bedugul Botanical Garden which is just few kilometers from the Temple. Entrance fee is 30K IDR. This place is a place  for  botanical garden, research,studies and even recreational. Ideal for family and friends. Great for picnics, games, and some sport. Inside the garden you will see places such as botanical house, Balinese houses, tree collections, cactus, bamboo house and etc. The weather here is great as its cool and quite cold as its really surrounded with lots of different flowers and trees. We saw some Indonesian sculptures which is known widely and is part of their history.
Very relaxing, enjoying, worth the visit, and you can  peace at one point just find a spot for your self and enjoy!

After our 4th stop we can feel our hungry tummy is wanting some food to eat. We asked for our driver to bring us to a nice place with local cuisine that is good for our budget. Guess what? Our entire full meal lunch just cost like Handara Gate's entrance fee!!! Yes!! Our driver drove us to the place where we can have a local Balinese Cuisine. Babi Guling , which is roasted pig like what we have in the Philippines, and that's their version of our Lechon.
The small eatery is just located in the roadside and we saw lots of locals were eating in that area. Our driver ordered food for us and wow we are surprised with the meal he ordered for us.
The meal consist of Rice, Veggies, and a chops of Babi Guling, a stick of  satay, and pork soup.
All of this for 30K IDR. Yes!! 30K IDR only for this huge meal. if you wanted soft drinks or ice tea just add 5K IDR. We really had an amazing local lunch for a cheap price.

After an hour in the small eatery, we started to travel to the final  destination. The Tanah Lot Temple.
The Tanah Lot Temple is a historical Hindu  temple and iconic pilgrimage site built on a dramatic rock formation in the sea. Entrance fee to visit is place is 60K IDR This place is great if its low tide so u can see and enjoy the temple on the other side.When we visited, it was very windy and rained a bit , weather is not that good and cloudy and gloomy, we haven't seen sunset too. But this place is great for taking photos because of the amazing rock formation and the waves. Lots of families are here for sightseeing and even do picnics, its nice to visit for couples too. Would be awesome to have an amazing weather, and less crowed so you can truly enjoy the place with peace and serenity.

Our last stop should be the Taman Ayum Temple and Waterfall Tegenungan. But since we have a limited time we opted to skip the 2 spots and we headed back to our hotel.

Such a wonderful day for all of us! Very productive and interesting!

Summary of Expenses

Day 3 Bedugul Tour
100K IDR     Twin lake Wanagiri
 30K IDR      Handara Gate
 50K IDR      Ulun Danu Temple
30K IDR       Botanical Garden
60K IDR       Tanah Lot Temple
35K IDR       Lunch
100K IDR     Dinner
100K IDR     Transpo  day

605k IDR      2270 PHP Total of expenses for the entire day

Thanks for reading !!
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