DreamLand Beach and Padang Padang Beach

Day 1 Arrival Morning

Upon  our arrival to Bali, Indonesia. The designated tour guide/driver is already to pick us up.As booked through Mr. Ngurah Weda, the driver is on time and ready to give us a tour scheduled for the day.

Around 9:00 am we started our journey to the first destination.
We supposed to visit the Pandawa Beach, Padang Padang Beach, and Dreamland Beach but due to time restriction we opted to skip the Pandawa Beach. We headed directly to the Dreamland each.

Dreamland Beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula.Also tagged as one of the hidden beaches in Bali with wide stretch of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs. This beach is very popular for day trippers and surfers as the waves here is  very good for surfing. the blue water is really amazing and you will appreciate it when the weather is good and sunny. you can see the beauty of the sand, the beach is almost perfect. You can rest some chairs for you to relax and put your belongings  and to have a bit of shade under the sun or simply just bring your things with you and put it in the sand and wander around the beach, swim or  surf.
Parental Guidance to the small kids is a must as the wave is huge and for their safety.

The entrance fee to the Dreamland Beach is 20K IDR per person. Upon arriving to the area, there's a shuttle to the beach which you will  you will be riding again back to the pick up and drop off point and its included to the entrance fee, its about 3 minutes ride to the beach area. there are some stores and grocery  if you need to buy foods, drink or even clothes or souvenirs, and also toilets for changing.

After about 45 minutes of  enjoying the view and taking photos we went back to the pickup station going back to our service car. We are now ready for the next destination. Padang Padang Beach.

After 30 minutes of driving we arrived at the Padang Padang beach. Padang padang beach is a beach located at the north western coast of Bukit Peninsula and its also know as Pantai Labuan Sait.This beach was also featured as a romantic setting in a hollywood movie 'Eat Pray Love" played by JUlia Roberts back on 2010.

Going to the beach you have to access the stairs, just you need to take care as maybe to others it maybe steep. but when you reach down, you will be greeted by a beautiful beach, green lush and blue green water with a pristine sands.Around the area, you can find stores renting out surfing boards, and even some foods and drinks for snacks. Same as Dreamland Beach , the waves here  is also not suitable for beginners but the shores is great for family and kids.Good for sunbathing, picnic and relaxing.The entrance fee here is only 10K IDR.

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